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Insurance Benefits – Use It or Lose It!

Insurance Benefits – Use It or Lose It!

insurance benefits

The holiday season has arrived and like most people during this busy time of year, we are sure that your calendar is filling up with obligations.


If you have a calendar year plan with your group employer medical insurance, or your FSA/HSA plan, the end of the year is when most flexible spending, health savings, and insurance benefits expire.

Even though your time is already limited, here at Eastside Medical Group, we’d like to give you a friendly reminder that it’s a good time to come in for a visit and use those insurance benefits!

Read the packet of information your employer gave you for the open enrollment season. Carefully review the information about your insurance benefits, and see if any benefits are being cut or reduced in 2023. If so, and if you will be affected by the changes, get the most out of your coverage now before the cost of your treatment goes up.

There are many ways of addressing your medical needs now, instead of waiting until next year that can save you money. Come in for an exam and see what we can help you with, so you have a pain-free holiday season!

Check with your insurer to see what insurance benefits you’ve used, and what you still have available for the year.

Also, check your FSA/HSA balance. Then make sure to take full advantage of your benefits before January 1.

Request an appointment before the end of the year to take full advantage of your insurance benefits by calling our office at 216-342-9199 or filling out the form below.


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