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Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy Pain Solutions at Eastside Medical Group in Cleveland



Back pain during pregnancy is an extremely common occurrence for several reasons.

The first and most obvious cause is the large increase in the curve of the low back. This can cause increased stretching of the tendons and ligaments in the area which makes them sore. This condition also causes the pelvis to rock forward leading to postural instability which also causes the back and hips to ache.

Increases in abdominal pressure and pressure from the baby can cause direct nerve irritation causing both low back and radiant leg pain.

Unfortunately, there are very few pain medications that are safe for both mom and baby. Activities like stretching and yoga may give some relief early on but become difficult if not impossible as the pregnancy progresses.

Eastside Medical Group to the rescue!

The concern is always “is chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

The answer to that is a huge yes.

There are no contraindications to chiropractic during the entire pregnancy. This being said it is best to go to a chiropractor with experience in treating expecting moms.

At Eastside Medical Group, we have tables design to accommodate the growing belly by having a section that drops down to make space. This makes the treatment very pleasant. Several adjusting techniques can be used, one is even specific to help breech babies turn to the correct position. PAINLESSLY.

Pain reduction is a given but the ease of delivery is an often overlooked benefit of treatment. Helping the pelvis accommodate the baby and ease into correct position greatly helps during the birthing process.

All in all, chiropractic and specific stretches are a very safe and effective form of treatment for back pain during pregnancy.

If you would like to see how chiropractic care can help ease your pregnancy pain, call us today!

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