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FAKTR (pronounced “factor”) stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with rehab. 

An instrument is used to perform “cross fiber massage” over a problematic area. The FAKTR instrument acts like a “scar tissue” stethoscope to find the tissue problems and treat that specific spot.  

The FAKTR technique was developed by Gregory H Doerr, DC and Thomas E Hyde, DC in 2002 and is currently taught throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, South America, Australia, and Europe. They developed this as an ever-evolving, unique to each patient, and incredibly effective way to fix soft tissue problems utilizing instruments.

Instrument techniques have been proven in the current research as effective in initiating the healing process for old injuries and regenerating stronger tissue during active injury. 

The FAKTR technique combines soft tissue treatments with resistance training, functional activities, and proprioceptive (balance and coordination) exercises to produce faster results than conventional treatment methods. FAKTR is designed to reduce pain and restore function. Most patients notice improvements in their pain, the range of motion, or ability to perform sports on their first treatment.

Treating an area takes around five minutes and results of pain relief or freedom of movement can be felt instantly.  Even chronic conditions can be resolved within a few visits with FAKTR.

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