Stem Cell Talk Events


In order to further educate the public on Regenerative Therapy with Stem Cells as an outstanding new treatment option, Eastside Medical Group offers



FREE Informational Lunch and Dinner talk events to the community.


Stay tuned and bookmark this page to find out when our next events are so you can attend and see if Regenerative Therapy is right for you and find out how we can help you get back to living a pain-free life!

Curious about Regenerative Therapy with Stem Cells but cannot attend one of our lunch or dinner events? Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-office consultation to see if this new revolutionary treatment option is right for you.


Dr Elias Arnitsis Stem Cells and You talk events Cleveland Akron

Featuring our speaker, Dr. Elias Arnitsis

New dates coming soon!


Please, due to the nature of the material we ask that there are no children at the talks.

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